We know how to collect debt. We’ve been at it since 1980.

Types of Accounts We Serve

Maintaining more than 5,000 active clients at a time.

Health Care Companies
Grocery Stores
Convenient Stores
Retail Stores
Medical Offices

Who We Are to Our Clients

Bonneville Billing and Collections is a professional debt recovery firm. We use the latest software for payment processing and collections management. We’re reliable and work with integrity.

Recovery rates are influenced by a variety of factors. Our team, equipped with the best debt recovery information systems, maintains a client recovery rate that’s unparalleled in the industry.

What We Do for Our Clients

The evolution of garnishment laws, health care policies, and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) laws require constant education, both for our customer service agents as well as for our clients. Continual professional development and utilization of the latest technology are key commitments at Bonneville.

Our trained debt recovery specialists manage hundreds of outbound phone calls a day. Thousands of letters and pieces of correspondence are mailed each week.

Our expertise and focus on courteous client service is what sets us apart as your collections partner.

Who We Are to Our Consumers

We help consumers meet financial obligations through traditional and online methods of payment, coupled with courteous, responsive service. In fact, good customer service is what sets us apart.

We provide consumers with all the information they need, when they need it, and the convenience they deserve.

Our online payment portal make providing timely payments a piece of cake.

Bonneville Management Services

Bonneville Management Services is a pre-collections company serving the health care industry. Equipped with the latest technology, we help doctor’s offices and hospitals reduce the costs of accounts receivable and increase revenue from bad debt.

We step-in early, before accounts are sent to a collections agency, helping you save time and collect more of what’s due. Our effective, outsourced collections services help patients resolve outstanding balances and clients focus on generating more revenue.

Bonneville Management Services provides online account access to make it easy for patients to pay their bills and protect their credit rating. We provide a time and money saving pre-collections service with professionalism and respect for both the client and patient.