Founded in 1980, Bonneville Collections helps clients across the Western U.S. with check recovery and debt collection services. Our operations have grown to include more than 130 full-time experienced and trained debt collectors. We process thousands of new receivables each day.


Bonneville Collections is the only Utah-based agency certified through the Professional Practices Management System (PPMS) by ACA International, the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals. PPMS provides standardized, industry-specific professional practices and policies for the management of collection agencies.


Most of the Bonneville Collections team, including office managers, supervisors, operations and client service managers, are Certified Collectors through the American Collectors Association. The average full-time Bonneville employee has more than five years’ experience, which exceeds the nationwide industry average by three times.

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Bonneville Billing and Collections is a regional debt recovery service with offices in Utah, Idaho and Washington.

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Many collections agencies utilize similar tools and follow established industry procedures. What sets us apart is our experience, professionalism and how we manage recovery efforts on behalf of clients.


An independent accounting firm has conducted a SAS 70 Type I audit of our controls, processes and procedures. The audit confirms our commitment to security for both clients and employees.



Bonneville Collections uses a successful mix of billing and recovery services to meet specific client needs. We are the go-to receivables partner for thousands of companies and organizations.

Our trained, certified debt recovery specialists have collections industry experience that exceeds the industry average by three times. When it comes to your receivables, we not only get the job done, we do it right. We know our clients need a professional, courteous and responsive collections partner.

Bonneville understands that our clients work hard to develop a solid reputation. Our continuing education programs focus on providing our employees the tools and ethics required to help our clients maintain their integrity while still enhancing their bottom line.  Bonneville Collections employs the latest technology and recovery resources, including a proprietary consumer database of more than seven million records, making the company not only effective at debt recovery, but extremely efficient.

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Bonneville Collections helps consumers meet obligations by providing courteous support and uncomplicated payment portals to process debt payments.

Following the guidelines set forth in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) — the law governing third-party collection of debts — Bonneville maintains respect for consumers while working with companies to meet their debt collection needs.

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